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Internet with modem

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Connect Box Issue

0.07 download speed.I can't check the upload because it's that slow.Sometimes even the download speed test failed.I have the Connect Box and the internet is sooo slow my phone's no G data (bad but infinite) is faster.I mean come on it took me 15 minutes to load a 13 minute video enoughf to watch 3:13 of the video in 144P.I don't know wich package we have but it's not a 0.07 one that's for sure.
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Re: Connect Box Issue

Hi @TheRedLemon, welcome to the community,


It seems you're having an issue with the WiFi. In order to help you, I need more informations.


How far is your phone from the Connect Box? Is only your phone which is affected by the slowness of your Connect Box?




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Re: Connect Box Issue

Issue solved.We called someone to take a look and aparently is was veery poorly connected somehow (the wires going into the connect box).But thanks for the reply and tech support.