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Internet with modem

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I'd like to purchase my own modem and router

... but I have no idea where to start. My ISP and cable provider is Spectrum and I'm renting their modem/router combo. I've read over and over that its a big upgrade to purchase your own separate units. So here I am.

When I go to unplug my current combo unit and hook up my new router and modem will all cables required be present? For example coax/ethernet etc? Can my two new units be placed right by one another or should the router be in another room? I'm just a little concerned bc I'm under the impression that both the router and modem require ethernet? Currently my ethernet runs from my PC directly to Spectrums combo unit.

Please advise on what I should buy (I'd like it to be able to handle at least 200 down for future-proof). And the basic set up. I thank you for your time.