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Internet with modem

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Internet constantly disconnecting

Hallo guys


i have the 125mb/s packet since almost 4 months i think and it worked fine but recently my internet keep disconnecting constantly from while to while i need to restart the Router everytime to fix it also sometimes my internet speed goes slow too much like i`m having 1mb/s connection or i get Packet loss like 30% .. and wait around 10mins for the internet back after restarting my router serveral times .. any ideas ? and my another question when i got the packet it says it`s Fiper connection that`s means i should get full speed downloading and uploading right ? i mean i get good results but not in reality .. i just wanna understand the system .. i`m paying 41.15euro per month for speed internet i care about the speed because i`m an Online Gamer and i need sometimes to use Twitch and stream my games .. could you help me please ?
i had before internet from A1 company and i just switched to UPC because i heard it`s faster with Fiper connection but i can`t see that difference ...
my currently internet packet is the L packet :


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Re : Internet constantly disconnecting

Good evening @Hosam, welcome to the community,


Thanks for sharing us your internet issues. However, I noticed you are living in Austria. Is it correct? If yes, you posted your problem on the wrong website. Your are here in the Swiss UPC's community forum. To contact UPC Austria and tell them your issue you have to call this number: (01) 960 60 600.


Kind regards,


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Re : Internet constantly disconnecting

Hallo !!

Thank you sir ! i didn`t know that sorry .. Thanks for the Info`s !