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Network Status Updates

After this morning’s service disruption (see attached) was resolved, I attempted to access my email account. An Outlook error message indicated an issue with server access and Webmail simply returned “fehler”.

As the attachment shows, no issues were listed on the Network Status page. Accordingly, I placed a call to support. Support informed me that a technical problem was being attended to. If the issue had been disclosed on the Network Status page, then I wouldn’t have bothered your support department, or at least not immediately. I’m sure numerous others also made support calls that could’ve been avoided.

If Cablecom improved the maintenance of the status page you would (i) increase customer satisfaction/reduce irritation (ii) reduce support workloads i.e. a win-win situation.

1802 550 76

Re: Network Status Updates

Hi pbassett


Thanks for your feedback. On our network status page, disruptions of main services are listed (Phone, TV, Basic digital offer, Internet), if 100 or more customers in the same region are concerned. Total outages are listed as well.


Kind regards,



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