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Internet with modem

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Port Forwarding CH7465LG-LC

Hi ,


Appologies for the lack of German. Tech Support calling doesnt seem to have an English option either. 


Im trying to port forward for a communications software that requires UDP and a certain port # to be allowed. The above modem/router setting software doesnt have port forwarding in the menus even though the manual does. Need help to get this resolved please.



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Re: Port Forwarding CH7465LG-LC

Normally if you use the Upnp Option on your router should resolve your port forwarding problem with the router. As Upnp automatically forwards the ports you need.


Else you have to do that manually by adding the ports to your ConnectBox routing directly to the IP-Adresse of your device that requires them.

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Re: Port Forwarding CH7465LG-LC

How do I manually add ports / forwards?

I clicked around the menus and submenus and cannot find it.

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Re: Port Forwarding CH7465LG-LC

It's possible that you already have DS-Lite. So you won't get a public Ipv4 adresse to forward on.


You can easily check that by browsing to , if you're shown a Ipv6 adresse, you have DS-Lite.


In that case you have to call the supportline under 0800 66 88 66 to get switched back to Ipv4 only.


Don't worry, there are people with english skills.