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Internet with modem

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Router Mode

Hi. My router don't work like before. Router mode dosen't work. I Switch to modem mode on localhost ip and now work. How can i fix this router mode?

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Re: Router Mode

In that case I would suggest a factory reset via a needle in the small whole on the back of your router.


That sets the router back to that what you got, when it was first sent to you by the provider.

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Re: Router Mode

Please explain what is not working, it is hard to judge with that limited amount of information provided.

I have my new connect box and I have to return it back, because my home network is configured completely on a totally different network (IP addresses). I don't want to invest time to get it done by changing all my nicely set up network just because the new connect box does not allow such a simple change. The alternative would be to put a router or firewall between UPC Modem and My Network...