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Internet with modem

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Slow WLAN speed between local devices

Hello everybody,


I have a NAS (Synology) which hardwirder connected to my Connect box.. My computer is also hardwired to Connect box ->> so there is 1 Gb connection in between - in th reality also shows around 1Gbps +/-...


But Other WiFi connected devices like for example Ipad (802.11 n 5Ghz - up to 450Mbps) to the same Connect box show a very low speed performance of getting stremed video from Server (NAS, Synology) - it's shows 80-90 Mbps maximum!!!


Due to that I can't watch high bitrate videos on WiFi connected devices.


It seems the problem is in Connect Box.


P.S. WiFi setting on connect box:

2.4 GHz is Enabled, 802.11 b/g/n mixed, 20/40 MHz, Channel Auto

5 GHz is enabled, 802.11 a/n/ac mixed, 20/40/80 MHz, Channel Auto


Please help to solve the problem with Connect box!


Thank you!