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The Connect Box doesn't list all connected devices?



I've had the new Connect Box for a couple of weeks and I notice that, when I log into its admin pages, the list of connected devices isn't complete.  The list is the same (i.e. wrong)  on the home page under "Status Overview" and the dedicated page for connected devices.


I understand that the list is dynamic and some devices will drop off whilst not actively downloading or uploading anything, but my Horizon box (connected by ethernet) and my printer (connected over wifi) never show in the list.  They are connected, as both devices are accessible via the IP address allocated to them, and they work as expected.


For example, whilst successfully printing the connect box still denies that the printer is connected to it.  I even gave the printer a reserved IP address using its mac address (advanced settings / dhcp) and when the printer rebooted it got the correct IP address.  However, the connect box still insists it's not connected.


Obviously,  this isn't a hugely important issue but I like to know what is connected to my wifi, and hope this gets documented as an issue and fixed in a firmware update at some point.





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Rif.: The Connect Box doesn't list all connected devices?

@AlexanderMason , Welcome to the community!


For processing, please send us your customer number, address and date of birth via private message. We would be happy to check the configuration of your modem afterwards.




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