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Internet with modem

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Using a different router

Hi all,


I would like to set up my home using a different router instead of the router provided by UPC, is this possible?


Or do I need to use the router provided and then add my new router to an ethernet port of the UPC router.


I would like to do this so I can get a stronger wifi signal and also be able to configure my new router to use vpn and other configurations that can be provided by DD-WRT and Tomato.


Best regards


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Re: Using a different router

The possibility is there, you can bridge the router to use your own one but you'll have to connect it with the router provided by upc anyway. You can do this in the settings of your router by opening your browser and type  - a mask will open where you can put in your settings password (which is underneath the Router UPC provides) and from there you should find it easily.