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Why do I get this error internet (Partial Service (US only) w Packet loss


I have a huge problem, while gaming i started have some huge packet loss and lag. After the game , i started to notice laggs and hiccups even A lot of waiting for a 30 second 720p video on a 100/10 connection, I ussually dont have this problem 

and the **bleep** router doesnt see any errors. And after contacting the upc service not only i got waiting but at the end i got a recorded mesage saying to go to the website about the error. 


Area Baden AG city ennetbaden 


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Re : Why do I get this error internet (Partial Service (US only) w Packet loss

Hi @PetrosRZ, wecome to the community,


This error internet means there is losses with the upstream frenquencies.

 Which modem do you have? The best is to restart your modem and totally reset it. If this does not help you, I recommend you to call the support and ask for a technician.

Having this issue while gaming is for sure not confortable at all.


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