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two week disruption - poor support, ready to cancel service


I have been experiencing a service disruption for nearly two weeks now, and have called UPC Cablecom's support line on 5 separate occasions.

During the first 3 calls I was informed that this was a regional problem that would be resolved soon (~within the day) - it never was.

On the 4th call I was finally told that this was not a regional issue, but instead a building issue as all UPC internet subscribers in my building were experiencing the same service disruption, while UPC subscribers in nearby apartment buildings had functioning service. I was told that a service tech would call me within 24 hours to set up a service visit - I was never called back by anyone.

On the 5th call, I was told that the responsibility to setup an appointment was with a company called Telegeneve - I was given their number (which was incorrect) and told to call them directly to schedule a service visit.  After finding the correct number online, I was told that Telegeneve was in contact with the apartment Regie and needed their permission to conduct a repair.  They suggested I talk to the Regie about expediting their response to Telegeneve.

Speaking with the Regie, I was told that they had never been in contact with UPC or Telegeneve or anyone else about a service disruption.

Bottom line : I am ready to cancel service.

- S.Z.


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Re: two week disruption - poor support, ready to cancel service

Hello S.Z.

I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. If you wish, I can check the status of your case with our Support. Could you therefore send me your Customer ID via private message?

Thank you and best regards