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Outstanding fees after changing the appartment

Dear administration,

My account number is [M]

Today my internet is disabled due to not paying for the last 2 month. I have changed the appartment, but the flat, where I was before is still on me, but since then I didn't receive any payment bills. I don't know the reason.

I would like to pay, but without reactivation fees, because it is not my fault.

Could you send me a new invoice on my email adress : [M]

And please, change my name to [M]

Hope for your understanding.


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Re: Outstanding fees after changing the appartment

Hi Sultan

Thanks for your message.

I will forward your issue to our administrative department. In order to protect your privacy, I will delete your personal information.

Tip: Register for My UPC, there you will find all your invoices and account information.

Best regards


Supporting Actor TV
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Re: Outstanding fees after changing the appartment

Thx for responding.

Writing from another account, because I forgot password from previous and "change password" form is not working.

I registered to to MyUps and see you have already decreased my total ammount, what I am very pleased for, but why do I have 84.50 Fr for April? I am not using any other services and my internet is ~60 fr per month.

I will pay the full amount as soon as it is everything clear.