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address changes and supprised invocies one year later!!!

UPC Cablecom resigned my contract in July 2012 as the result of my move. They are not able to deliver the service in my new place of residance.

despite the fact that they knew my new address, they were keeping sending me communciation (includding last month service invoice) under old address. Today I have foudn out that I am chassed by debt collector.

UPC Cablecom has NO service, neither administration nor client one.

Their administration disorganization they put on the clients and they find it feer.

I do not recommand to make any deal with them. Go to Swisscom or anybody else however not to Cablecom. It is only company whose invoices did not follow my new address.


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Re: address changes and supprised invocies one year later!!!

Hi joanna

Please send me your customer number via private message and I will have a look at your case.
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