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No Network coverage

Dear Support,

I lost Mobile Network and currently using My WiFi as my family were trying to call me all evening yesterday but with no success and just found an email asking if I was ok.

Is there something wrong? If there’s a problem how come we can’t see it in the network status?

I just changed to another mobile network and it seems they are working except for UPC.

Please fix this issue or tell us what’s going on.

Thank you
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Re: No Network coverage

Hi. Thank you for your request. Could you please give us some details. We have no chance to check that. Which number does your request belong to? How did the problem occur? Where are you at the moment? Is the problem still persisting? Pleas DM us these informations.

Br, Ahmet

TV Actor
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Re: No Network coverage

Dear Ahmet_UPC,

Thank you for getting back to me.

I’m in Geneva and still have the issue with not connecting to any SWISS network but whenever a France network appears I’m automatically connected.

The problem occurred from Friday evening at 9am.

The problem still exists and contacted the upc support on Saturday and they said it was a problem from the Sim Card and they ordered a new one but what is weird is that I can connect to French networks.

Wish you a lovely afternoon.