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MySports Pro: Q&As

Dear all,



This thread was updated with latest information about the Day Ticket.


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In the following you will find more details about our new offering MySports Pro. We inform you about the pricing, subscriptions available, content and availibility. Should you have any questions, you may call our hotline. Or you can post your question in this thread.


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About the MySports Day Ticket


What is MySports Day Ticket, how much does it cost and for how long is it valid?

The MySports Day Ticket offers the possibility to customers who are not MySports Pro subscribers to enjoy all content for a short time. The price for the access is CHF 9.- and expires at 6 am the following day.


Who can get a MySports Day Ticket?

All customers who are not subscribed to MySports Pro and have a digital TV offer from UPC with recurring monthly payment can take advantage of this offering.


How can I purchase a daily pass for MySports?

Initially, MySports Day Ticket can only be bought on webpage for CHF 9.-. It is not available through the Horizon HD Recorder, DigiCard or other Mediabox devices.


Where can I watch the channels included in the MySports Day Ticket?

Initially, MySports Day Ticket channels are available only on the Horizon Go app and webpage. However, we aim for availability on the Horizon HD Recorder as soon as possible.


Can the MySports plan be used on multiple devices?

Yes. On Horizon Go, it is possible to watch up to three live streams at the same time on different devices.


How is MySports billed?

The price of CHF 9.- for MySports Day Ticket is charged on UPC monthly invoice.


Are Replay and Startover functions also available with the MySports Day Ticket?

These functions are only available for certain channels. The TV Guide shows if Replay is available. The use of Replay is possible as long as the Day ticket is active, giving access to the programmes up to 30 hours in the past.


Can a MySports Day Ticket be ordered for a later date or cancelled once ordered?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at this time. Mysports Day Ticket can only be ordered for the current calendar day and cannot be cancelled.



Subscription & prices


How much will MySports Pro cost from UPC?
The MySports Pro option costs CHF 25/month and can be subscribed to from 11 July 2017. The day pass will cost CHF 9 and guarantees access to the fee-based MySports Pro option during the current day.


Customers with a Horizon Box and a day pass my use MySports on their Horizon box as usual. All others may use either or watch the channels on their mobile devices.





What will UPC’s MySports offer look like?
There will be a basic channel (MySports HD) and several premium channels (MySports Pro). The basic channel will be included in the basic TV package and can be received free of charge by all existing customers. MySports Pro will offer a selection of premium channels with live sport broadcasts, which are available as an add-on option. From late summer, day tickets can also be purchased for the premium channels for individual game dates. Detailed information about this will follow here shortly.


How many channels will UPC offer with MySports Pro?
MySports Pro will include numerous international sports channels in each language. You can find the overview on the MySports page.


Can I already register for MySports Pro today?
The subscriptions are available as follows from 11 July 2017:


  • New customers can subscribe to the option on the MySports site or by telephone on 0800 668866  .
  • Existing customers can only subscribe to the MySports option by telephone (0800 668866) at present.

I already subscribe to a sports TV option. Do I have to switch to MySports Pro to continue receiving these channels?
Existing add-on options can continue to be used without restrictions. If you would also like to benefit from the additional possibilities and offers for ice hockey, however, then we strongly recommend switching to MySports Pro.


In spring 2017, UPC made a special offer to existing and new customers called MySports Ice Hockey. Will this be extended automatically after the promotion comes to an end in spring 2018?
No. The promotion will end automatically at the end of the Swiss hockey season 2017/2018 (April 2018). Anyone who wishes to continue using MySports Pro after this date must renew the subscription on an individual basis and subject to a fee.


Is there a minimum subscription term for MySports Pro?
No, there is no minimum subscription term for MySports Pro. You can cancel the add-on option at the end of any month subject to the 3-month notice period.


How will the basic and premium channels differ?
The basic MySports HD channel offers the following content: at least one live Swiss ice hockey league game each week, analyses and studio discussions and numerous further sports broadcasts, including handball, beach volleyball, Formula E.

MySports Pro is the channel for sports enthusiasts who want to enjoy the full live sports offer. You will find the current range of channels on the MySports site 





When can I start receiving MySports?
The basic channel “MySports HD” was activated on 20 April 2017 in Switzerland, initially without any content. Over the course of summer 2017, the channel will go on air as a German-language and as a French-language version as part of the basic package. In addition, the fee-based MySports Pro channels will be launched.


What do I need to do to receive MySports with my TV set?
Depending on the receiver you are using, it may be necessary to conduct a manual channel search. Customers with a Horizon HD Recorder or a HD Mediabox do not need to do anything. You will find further information on the change day site.


Can I watch MySports with all receivers?
The basic channel MySports HD is included in the basic package and can be received by all UPC customers (including decoder box and DigiCard).

The MySports Pro channels can be subscribed to in addition as a fee-based option. The requirement for MySports Pro is a digital TV subscription from UPC which is subject to a fee. It may be the case with some older receivers that either the box or the SmartCard needs to be replaced with a newer model in order to receive MySports Pro. If this is the case, please call our hotline.


On which channel numbers will MySports be broadcast?
You will find the “MySports HD” basic channel on channel slot 9 in German- and French-speaking Switzerland. All other sports channels are on channel slots 100 to 128. In Ticino, “MySports HD” will be broadcast on channel slot 99, followed by the other sports channels. The overview of the respective channel slots is available online.


Who is currently distributing MySports?
MySports is only available through the cable network. The MySports distribution partners are: UPC, Quickline AG, SA, Naxoo SA, Connecta AG, Evard Antennenbau AG, Rega Sense AG, Stadtantennen AG (Baar), EBL Telecom AG, Leucom Stafag AG, Sasag Kabelkommunikation AG, Kabelfernsehen Bödeli AG, Genossenschaft GGA Maur, Rii-Seez-Net and the City of Lausanne (Citycable Lausanne).


I subscribe to Swisscom TV / Sunrise TV. Can I watch live ice hockey starting from the 2017/18 season?
As present, MySports is only available to customers of UPC and other cable operators. Customers of the mentioned competitors can purchase a Connect & Play subscription and enjoy unrestricted access to the basic channel offer. Optionally, you can also order the MySports Pro offer subject to a fee.


How many languages will MySports broadcast in?
The station will be available in all of Switzerland’s regions and will broadcast primarily in German and French. Ice hockey games involving Ticino will also be broadcast and commentated in Italian.


Will I also be able to watch MySports on my mobile?
The distribution partners are free to market MySports as they wish and thus to decide whether MySports can be watched on tablets and mobiles. UPC will offer MySports content via a web and mobile solution.


Will there be a MySports channel in UHD as well?
Discussions concerning broadcasting in UHD are currently underway. The exact details and timing of this are not yet known, however.



Programme content


Will MySports be showing other sports or only ice hockey? Last summer, MySports promised other sports content. 
That plan is still in place, of course. We’ll be focusing on ice hockey to begin with. In addition, we will be the only Swiss TV channel to broadcast Formula E races. Further highlights include the beach volleyball Coop Beachtour 2017 and 2018 and the games of the Swiss handball championship, national league A. Negotiations with other associations and organisations are underway.


Precisely which hockey games will be broadcast on MySports?
Besides all National League (NLA) and selected Swiss League (NLB) games, we will broadcast the following games: live broadcasts of away games featuring the men’s national A team, games featuring the women’s national A team and the U-20 national team (including their world championships).

For all other sports and information about whether they will be available in the basic or pay offer, please see the MySports site.


What will MySports’ general programming consist of?
MySports will offer viewers live sports, entertaining talks and in-depth background reports on athletes, tactics and technique. There’ll be innovative match analyses and graphics, as well as gripping camera angles and statistics.


Will UPC be looking to secure the TV rights of other sports and leagues in other countries?
The basic channel MySports HD will be launched in September 2017 with the focus on Swiss ice hockey. There will also be other sports content . We are currently checking the possibilities for offering further sports content. We will inform you accordingly if additional content/sports is added.