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MySports Pro with Swisscom/Sunrise



I read the MySports FAQ thread but was not able to find a precise answer on the subject.


Let's assume that I am a Swisscom (or other provider) customer. I would like to switch to UPC in order to be able to watch the Swiss Ice Hockey on MySports network. Unfortunately, in my house/village there is no cable network and therefore it is phisically impossible to receive UPC content.


Would it be possible to buy a Connect&Play 50 subscription + MySports Pro abo/daily pass even WITHOUT the cable network (therefore, without Horizon Box and router), and then watch the matches on the Horizon Go app or on the website using the connection of my Internet service provider?


Also, for UPC clients, will it be possible to watch the matches from abroad on Horizon Go or or will the content be restricted to Switzerland only?



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Re: MySports Pro with Swisscom/Sunrise

Good evening @flag, welcome to the community,


You cannot watch the MySports channels without being a UPC customer and have a Connect&Play bundle with the Horizon Box.


For UPC customers, the availability of Horizon Go and is restricted to Switzerland because of some rights imposed by the channels.


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Re: MySports Pro with Swisscom/Sunrise

Hi @flag


Welcome to the UPC Community. And thank you for your interest in our MySports offering. The MySports channels are offered by UPC and members of Suissedigital. Have you checke the availability of the Suissedigital members in your area?


In case there is really no opportunity for you to switch either to UPC or to one of the other providers I'm afraid not being in the position to offer a solution to you for the time being. Horizon Go is a service offered exclusively to UPC customers with at least a digital TV subscription. 


Also, as @Michaelhello already mentioned, for legal reasons it is not possible to see the content provided on Horizon Go outside of Switzerland.


I'm really sorry not being able to offer you a solution. However, stick around as we are expanding our services.


Wishing you a nice day.


Best regards,




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Re: MySports Pro with Swisscom/Sunrise

Thats real terribel , what upc think . they dont give a good service always connection probelem so nobody want to go back to upc , this is bull**bleep** , they should offer other provider also the possibillity to show the icehockey . My good what happen to switzerland this days , no othe rcountry would do that......