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And off on vacation... what are you doing?



The summer holidays have started. In the trains you can find seats again. The highways are freed up, which shortens the journey to work for those who are not on holiday. The ice cream sales reach a peak value and the swimming pools are well utilised. Open Air's have high season and the wet cooling of the lakes attracts the crowd like a magnet.


Some of you go on the long awaited and deserved holidays. The sun lovers are heading south, some prefer the hill and sniff the fresh mountain air.


Can you already enjoy your holidays? In which direction does your compass point this summer? What do you put in your suitcase? Join us and enrich the off-topic section of the community with your comments.


I make the beginning:
I love the sun, so my inner magnet attracts the south. Strictly speaking Italy - Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean. A paradise for surfers, a feast for culinarians, a delight for motorcyclists and a Garden of Eden for beach goers. So it is not surprising that Sardinia is also called the Caribbean of Europe. Once you have visited the island you will love it. In only approx. 1.5 hours one reaches the goal in the north (Olbia) with the airplane. With the ferry, for marine enthusiasts, approx. 10 hours from Genoa. This year I travel first to the north (Palau) and then to the south (Villasimius). I am really looking forward to the gourmet delicacies like Pan Carasau, Su Porceddu, Seadas, Malloreddus and Salame Murru. In my luggage I have the usual holiday tools, including joy, fun and peace. Here are some impressions of the island.


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