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Connect box crah

Hello everyone,


I don't know why my connectbox crashes...
I live in a very crowded place in Budapest and I had to change channel when I arrived in my appartment (I'm renting) because I couldn't connect half of the time. (The channel was on automatic)

I picked a channel using an app to find the best channel.

However yesterday I had to changemy channel again because I had so much lag (Trying to view a webpage or even connect to my LOCAL server)

I changed  my channel to channel 56 (DFS channel)

However, this morning I keep getting disconnected from my wifi (Apperently my computer can't find it so I have to reboot the router (3 times in 45 mins).

I was wondering if it was because I'm on a DFS channel and if so, what should I do?


Has anyone any ideas on how to solve this?

Thanks guys!