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Phone Call

Hi All.


Probably not the correct forum... and I’m sure I’ll either get told so... or ignored!!


Was told I would get a phone call on Friday from a manager from, I think, Customer Services. 


What a surprise, no phone call on Friday... ... and no phone call today!!


Most managers/departments close at 5pm. It is now 6 minutes to 5... ... so I presume I will not get a call today either!! Hmmm!!!!! 😤😤😤😤😤

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Betreff: Phone Call

And how can we help you here in the community?


Where's the problem, what doesn't work?

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Betreff: Phone Call

@Biggsp , Please excuse that the promised callback did not take place. I have forwarded your request to the appropriate department who will contact you. 



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Betreff: Phone Call

Thank you Daniele