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phone died

from David Wiggin:

As of this morning cannot call out or receive calls.  0564273620.   Internet is OK.   Have rebooted modem Cannot call customer service on 0800 as it does not connect over o2   Cannot call over Skype to toll free.    Have completed a customer service form but had no feedback.  Is there a normal tel number one can use to contact service?

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Re: phone died

Hi David,

first of all sorry if you havent heard back from us after completing the customer form. 

I have checked the configuration of your phone and placed also a test-call (in case you have heard it ringing . everything looks good  - signaling and media. 

You mention that Internet is working but Skype isnt. Are you using the same device for your fixline and Skype or different ones? 

Please send us in a message your customer number and I will pass your problem onto our second level support.

Best Regards,

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Re: phone died


Well, i´m not the only one with this problem.

But the most curiosity, in my case (043 538 61 36), i can do it calls, but i CAN´T  receive calls, and i have now send an email, and the answer it was more complicate that my problem.

I have turn-offall, start again, and nothing.

Internet OK


Telephone: died for receive calls, but ok for do it.

I dont see the time for change.


Best regards 

Márcio Alves