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Questions about my invoice

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3 in 1 payments have been made but...

Dear UPC Forum,


A year ago I moved to Zurich. I have been with UPC (Cablecom) since about 1998.


When I moved,  I received a bill for March 2016-Feb. 2017, even though I had already payed March, 2016.

I called and asked that:

1, The already payed month of March, 2016 be taken off the new bill and

2. To please send quarterly bills.


Meanwhile I have payed all my bills up January, 2017.




Since July 2016 I have spoken to at least 10 persons. I have all their names.

                          I have sent many emails with attachments proving that I have payed this past year.

                          I have gone in person to the Zurich UPC store to show and leave copy of the payments in person (and even got signed for it).


Now I am getting a second Mahnung, even though I have asked that no Mahnungen be sent out before I can speak to somebody in person about this.


I would like to visit the administration department (in Wallisellen?) so that we can sort this out, because on the telephone it is not working.


Any suggestions? Help! I depend on the internet for my work.


Kind regards,

BM Mueller

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Betreff: 3 in 1 payments have been made but...

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Betreff: 3 in 1 payments have been made but...

The problem with the Mahnungen and the disabling of your internet is an automatic process.


When the Support people don't get your bills right, so you don't pay the full amount, your internet gets automatically disabled after a short period of time.


As you depend on the internet for work, I would recommend to pay the outstandig amount for now via express (if it's not that much). After that I agree with @Ex-Community Member that @UPC_Ex_Mod oder @Anina should have a look at your problem.


I wouldn't worry about the money, you will surely get a voucher for the amount you paid too much.

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Betreff: 3 in 1 payments have been made but...



Please excuse my late reply! According to your customer account, you talked to the relevant department and they already canceled the payment reminder? Did that solve your problem or do you still have open questions? If so, don't hesitate to contact me directly. I'm happy to help!


Kind regards,



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