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Questions about my invoice

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Abuse by UPC Telephone Customer Service today in administration department

After UPC has been overcharging me since September (the 2nd time this year), and my communications back and forth since, i was yelled at abusivley, with repeated abusive language today on the telephone by your customer service department, a Herr 

Shanker and then then after i phoned back to speak to a manger gave the run around by his colleage 

Herr Deubelbeiss.


I request a member of managmet to immediately telephone me to proceed with this issue.  I hvae logged in complaints with UPc and will log in official complaint publically with the authorities.


I wish for everyone to be aware of the appalling and never imaginable so called customer service when UPC is breaching contractual obligations of overcharging clients without any dignity to rectify.  You advertise as the cheapest service around and there is good reason - have been a loyla customer for near a decade but will ensure everyone is aware and accountability is taken by UPC.