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Questions about my invoice

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Bill has paid but still get a reminder

I have paid the bill on the 1st reminder 129.90CHF which is still in time but UPC sent the cast to Intrum Justitia AG.

The 1st reminder date 24 July 2017 and I made the payment on 7 August 2017 and called to check with UPC call center to make sure that they have received the payment so thought everything was fine.


But then around middle of November I have received the letter from Intrum Justia, the date on the letter was the 8th November 2017. I have sent email to Intrum explain that the payment has peen paid on the 7 August 2017 and have sent them the screenshot of the transaction.


I have called UPC call center again a few times and they all confirmed that the payment was well received.


Then I have received again the letter from them the date on the letter was the 15th January 2017.


Could someone in this organization get back to me I will give you the invoice number and any reference number you need, but this is need to be resolved asap!