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Questions about my invoice

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Invoice not received via email - Penalty charged via Post



I  subscribed to cablecom Internet 100 package in Feb this year. I received the modem within three days.

I had selected to get the bill via email during subscription. I even received a confirmation email stating the same.

However i never received any bill after this. 

Yesterday i got a post letter saying i havent paid my past bills and a penalty of 25 chf and 3 chf postal charge on top.

Can you please check why my bill was not sent via email and kindly revert the penalty applied.

Since i never received the bill i couldnt pay it. 

Kindly let me know in case you need more information and i can privately message it .I had also dropped an email regarding this issue but havent received any reply. I tried calling but since my german is weak i was told i will be contacted over the phone by a different person. 

So far this has not happened. 



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Betreff: Invoice not received via email - Penalty charged via Post

Hi @k10


Sorry to hear that this less pleasant issue lead you to our community. Nonetheless I like to extend a warm welcome to you.


I had a look at your files and noticed that the electronic invoice option unfortunately was not activated. A printed invoice was sent to the address recorded in our systems but was returned (unknown address).


I suggest you re-activate the email invoice in your MyUPC account. On this ocassion, you may also cross check the address and amend it when needed. Please drop us aline once it's done so we can ensure the email invoicing is active.


At the same time I will inform my colleagues from administration asking them to cancel the reminder fee.

UPDATE: Reminder and postal fee were cancelled. You may deduct the amount from the current invoice.


Hope this is OK with you. Should you need further assistance please do let us know.


Wishing you a nice day!