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Questions about my invoice

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Your bill remains unexplained

abo number ******. You have resent a bill for 118 CHF that I refused via LSV. I submitted a query at least three times since January on your website and no reply. I will not pay this bill as I do not understand what it is for. The latest one does not detail what it is for either. Also, you state 100Mbit yet I was promised 500Mbit by telephone in December. These are the reasons I have now cancelled my UPC contract. However, I will still not pay this bill until you explain to be what it is for and why my normal monthly bill is only CHF 63 and this one is suddenly CHF 118. Your company is impossible
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Betreff: Your bill remains unexplained

Hi @pphilp


Sorry that such an unpleasant experience lead you to our community. I can very well understand your frustration. This is not the kind of customer service we strive to deliver.


As to your question: On page 3 of the invoice mentioned you will find in details the services invoiced:

  • DigiCard Start Combi, first half of January 2016
  • DigiCard Compact, 2n half of January and February 2016 (free of charge)
  • Internet 100, January and February 2016

The subscritpion fees January and February are billed in one invoice. That explains why the amount sums up to CHF 118 instead of the usual CHF 63. You may download the invoice from your MyUPC account and check the details yourself if you wish to do so. Should you need any further explanation, drop us a line here. Happy to assist.


At any rate I will inform my colleagues from invoicing department to freeze the collection process in order to avoid any additional fuss. Additionally, I will investigate the promised Internet 500 subscription. Of course I'm disappointed to learn you are leaving us. In case there is any way we can make up to you, please do let us know.


Thank you very much for being here with us.

Best regards,



P.S.: For your own safety, please do not post any personal information such as customer-no. in here. That is why I deleted that piece of information in your initial comment.