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Questions about my invoice

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sending payments to UPC from abroad

We moved from Switzerland in January and since then I have been trying to get the iBAN account number or international payment details of UPC to pay our final bill. Now we have Intrum after us for non-payment. All my email requests have been ignored. Can you PLEASE send me your payment details with the IBAN number ( not the local number - I need the full IBAN number and bank address) so that I can finally make the payment. Feeling very frustrated at trying to do the right thing and not receiving any response from UPC! 

Thank you 


Mark Vickers 

Community Manager
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Betreff: sending payments to UPC from abroad

@Ginav12, what final bill do you need to pay? Is it the cable connection or digital products such as Internet, TV, etc.?


You can send me via PM your account details and I will check the case.




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Betreff: sending payments to UPC from abroad

Still waiting on IBAN number ?
Many thanks
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Betreff: sending payments to UPC from abroad

Dear Sir, Madam,

I would like to receive IBAN number of account.

I would like to pay bills electronically.

I have bank account in Slovakia, so I have to put IBAN number when paying.


I received the invoice with number  of UPC account 01-69935-3.

I payed it at the post office, as I do not know how to pay it electronically.


Could you send me IBAN form of this number?

With best regards,

Elena Jablonicka

505 197 41

Betreff: sending payments to UPC from abroad

Hi. Thank you for your post. Please find the following information for the payments:


  • Postkonto-Nr. 80-367-9 Adresse (Empfänger): UPC Schweiz GmbH, 8005 Zürich
  • CHF: IBAN: CH21 0900 0000 8000 0367 9 / Swift-Code/BIC: POFICHBEXXX 
  • EURO: IBAN: CH38 0483 5072 2602 3200 0 / Swift-Code/BIC: CRESCHZZ80A 
  • USD: IBAN: CH11 0483 5072 2602 3200 1 / Swift-Code/BIC: CRESCHZZ80A 
  • GBP: IBAN: CH81 0483 5072 2602 3200 2 / Swift-Code/BIC: CRESCHZZ80

I hope that this will help you out.


Best regards,