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Worst Customer Service EVER

Worst Service EVER!!

Suddenly my Internet Security  Package was de-activated. To activate it I had to renew a licence, and I got inmediatly the order number with wrong pricing on my internet connection.

Then the Internet Securitz Package was not activiated... I contacted the Service and the "force" me to change Moden... What is the relationship??? No answer.

I receive the new moden with problem to install it.... Calling again, finally we manage... but Internet Security Package not working... Answer: You have to wait 24h.

I wait 24h, 48h and the Internet Security Package is not installed.... I contact again and the service ask me to contact directly F-secure. Crazy... I ask, are you sure? Answer: Of course!!!

I call F-Secure, and evidently they tell me... you have to make it with UPC.

I call back and I try again to get the problem solved... No way. I ask about how to put a Complaint... They can not send me an e-mail, data, etc. Finally the service promise to send an e-mail with indications... Obviously I receive no-mail. I call again to try to solve the problem, and the tell me that they have forgotten to activate the Interner Security Package. I receive a new order number with wrong cost of the internet package and the cost of the internet subscription... In addition I have to wait additional 5 days.... Crazyyyyyy

Can someone help me to solve this problem? Can someone help me to put a complaint to UPC?... More than 2 weeks trying to get the Internet Security package installed (even if I did not ask to de-activate it - it was running before**). Many phone calls, waiting time, pinponing... and getting more and more irritated!!! I simply hope no virus infects my devices... What should I do then?? Who will compaste this?


I hope someone can give a hint. I'm reallz dissapointed with the service from UPC. The WORST SERVICE EVER

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Re: Worst Customer Service EVER

Hi. Thank you for your message.


We are really sorry about the current situation and the problems you had to face concerning your request. Please send us a DM with your customer number. We would like to check on that and come back with a feedback. 


Thank you for your cooperation.


Best regards,