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Difficulty in cancelling UPC contract



I just wanted to write to explain the extreme difficulties that I have experienced in trying to cancel my contract.

I should mention here at the outset that I have a severe hearing loss which means that I am unable to phone UPC.

This means my only options are online forms, online chats and letters / and or emails.

Originally I tried to cancel my contract back in August by filling in the "easy to cancel" form online. Well, that's nothing easy about that as I didn't hear from UPC until November to say my contract would be cancelled at the end of December!

Why does it therefore take 5 months (from the original request) to cancel my contract(?)

In addition back in early August I subscribed to the MySports package. I wasn't able to access it as I was told my box wasn't compatible. Fair enough. I was told I wouldn't be billed but I was billed and despite letters sent to UPC haven't heard anything back and the MySports remains on the invoice.

Why does UPC make it absolutely impossible for people like me to contact them by only providing a phone number. All my attempts at communication have gone ununaswered and I am a very unhappy customer.

After being with UPC for 9 years one would think customer loyalty would count for something but in UPC's case evidence proves otherwise.

Therefore I'm writing this post in the hope that I can at last get some sort of response from UPC.


492 197 40

Re: Difficulty in cancelling UPC contract

Hi @nasummers


Thank you for reaching out.


We apologize for the inconvenience you have endured in this context. Please send us a private message with your customer number and a detailed description of your request. We will be happy to review the case with the relevant departments and work towards a solution. 

Customer loyalty is of course very important to us. Even if you have decided to cancel the contract, we would like to let you feel that we stand by our word.


Thank you for your understanding and kind regards,