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Help! both UPC and my Building admin are billing me for the connection fee

Since middle of 2017 UPC has been collecting the Cable connection fee from me. My building administrator also collects the same from me as part of my bill for the administration fee and would not stop collecting unless I show proof that UPC is already collecting payments directly from me for this service.


I have been on the phone  almost daily with UPC for the past 3 weeks now, asking for this document that would prove to my buuilding admin that I am paying this directly. It is quite strenous to keep telling the same long story to UPC support and get nothing in the end. The online bill does not state the connection fee specifically but as part of a bundle of services.   It should be the responsibility of UPC to notify the other payees to stop billing me since they have taken over this fee collection themselves.


Anyone been in the same situation? I need your advise please.