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Want to move to UPC mobile....

So, I currently have a way too expensive Salt subscriptions (x2) and saw that there is a special deal on UPC Mobile Europe 10'000 flat priced at CHF 55,- per month (or even better at CHF 20,- per month with Connect 500).


So here goes.


1) I have two subscriptions in my name with Salt (one is used by my spouse which is in her name as a user, me as an owner)


2) I have a Connect 500 subscription at CHF 99,- per month


3) The Salt Subscriptions are running until May (three month time)




1) Can I get both my subscriptions moved to the CHF 20,- x 2 deal (meaning a total of CHF 40,- pr month)


2) How long does it take to get the move done as we want to keep our numbers?


3) I believe a new SIM wil be sent by UPC, when will Salt Switch off theirs as I believe there cannot be an overlap


4) The Mobile Europe at 10'000Mb (or 10Gb there abouts) is definitley included for both Switzerland and Europe for roaming and is this per month or the whole year?


So, any pointers or anything else to share and when should I start the process? I'd be more than happy to get rid of Salt sooner than later (the Salt subscription is NOT with a device btw)...