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Terms of use

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Terms of use

Welcome to the UPC community!


Communication with customers is of paramount importance to us. Through feedback and intensive exchange, we accomplish even more and continue to develop. At the same time, the community is a practical and simple platform which offers efficient support while remaining fun to use.


If you would like to talk to other UPC customers about products and services, share tips or ask for information, this is the place for you. Use one of the other contact options in the support section to talk directly to one of our support staff about individual problems.


We value your opinion and are pleased that you have joined the community to discuss with other members. To ensure that you and everyone else feel comfortable, a few simple rules must be respected.

The community is based on mutual trust and respectful behavior between members.


  1. Search and find – use the search function before asking a specific question. Perhaps the matter has already been handled and a solution has been suggested.

  2. Friendliness – be friendly and respectful to other users. Respect the fact that different people have different opinions and remember this in discussions.

  3. Say thank you – say thank you when you have had a good experience in our community. Award likes for answers which were helpful and mark them as solutions.

  4. Constructive criticism – we welcome inputs and suggestions for improvement. Please formulate these objectively and fairly.

  5. Privacy – to protect your details, do not post any personal information such as names, e-mails, e-mail addresses, residential addresses, telephone numbers or customer numbers.

  6. Advertising – you can obtain information and talk about UPC products here. Discussions about other companies are held in their communities. Use relevant platforms to promote or sell products. 

  7. Contributions – your contributions can be found more quickly if they are in the right category. Formatting with paragraphs makes a contribution easier to read.

  8. Spam – we do not accept this type of content. If you receive spam, you should contact the moderators or use the “Report content” function.

  9. Moderators – these ensure that the community remains a pleasant and transparent forum for discussion among the members. Members must comply with their instructions.

  10. Functions of the community – if anything is unclear, take a look at “First steps”. These help newcomers to get started.

  11. Netiquette* – this shows what is not allowed in the community.

  12. Legal – the contributions, comments and/or data that you publish here reflect your opinion and not that of UPC.


By using the community, you agree that UPC may use your personal data in line with its privacy policy (cf. ). Until cancelled in writing, you consent in particular to UPC using your details for its own marketing purposes.

By using the community, you agree to abide by these rules. We reserve the right to alter these rules at any time and without giving prior notice.

*Netiquette: Libelous, defamatory, racist, offensive, abusive, discriminatory, vexatious, threatening or obscene language is prohibited. Provocative posts will not be tolerated. This covers ridicule and attacks on people, groups, products or companies. It also relates to attacks based on ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation. Stay within the law. The following content is strictly prohibited: posts encouraging illegal action, software or instructions which violate copyright – including instructions or tips for jailbreaks and links to similar or harmful content (viruses etc.).

UPC reserves the right to adapt or remove, either partially or in their entirety and without consultation, any contributions and associated titles deemed inadmissible by the moderators. UPC can ban users who repeatedly violate the terms of use. The author can expect legal measures to be taken in the event of misuse. Violations of the rules can be reported using the following e-mail address: