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Using app leads to charges from mobile phone carrier

In the last couple of months I have made calls using the cablecom app which have resulted in me being charged by my operator Salt. I have support calls into them already and they are looking at it.


When using the app today, I noticed a strange anomaly when I made a local call using the UPC Cablecom app. When I found the contact in the app (which links to data within native iPhone contacts app), I selected the contact and then the cablecom app went to dial and the error message "can not dial multiple numbers" flashed up for a second, and then the native phone app kicked in and tried to dial. I cancelled that and returned to the cablecom app which then worked fine. I therefore have the same timestamp and called number in both apps, the cable com app and native phone app. I'm wondering if this is what happened on another occasion which left me paying for an international call. Both apps try to dial out simultaneously perhaps? 


Please pass this to your app developers as this is a big issue!


Thank you.

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Betreff: Using app leads to charges from mobile phone carrier

Hi @Simondp


Thank you for reporting this issue. To get a better understanding kindly ask you to send me a private message with some more information:


  • your customer no.
  • does the problem occur only with one specific number, when calling within Switzerland or abroad or always
  • does the problem always occur when trying to call or only on specific events (e.g. in the evening etc.)

Once I have the information we will have a look at the issue and get back to you.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Best regards,