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CS error message(s)

Dear Community

You may get a CS error message on your receiving device. We currently have 191 possible error messages that the system may display. Since we can't display all error codes with the possible solutions in the community, we have created this thread. It should be the first point of contact if someone is affected by the error messages.

Step 1:

Use the following link to check whether a failure is currently known.

Step 2:

Make sure that your receiving device is connected with the original cables and that they have no kink, no loose contact or are otherwise damaged (antenna cable, LAN cable). Also check if your receiver is connected directly from your modem with a LAN cable. Avoid using a switch, powerline adapter or WLAN for troubleshooting. Then check whether you can access the Internet with your devices (mobile phone, laptop, PC, etc.).

Step 3:

Restart your modem.


If you performed steps 1 - 3 and the error message still appears, please contact our telephone support at 0800 66 88 66. If you need further support after contacting us, open a thread in the community and ask the @UPC_Team  or our SuperUser for support (they have a more detailed list).

If your error image has disappeared because you are not using any additional devices in step 2, please note that the UPC TV Box port 2002 must be open to the outside. This is so that the UPC TV Box can request the rights to our server (Replay, EPG, Sender, IPTV, etc.).

Best regards


PS: The reply function remains open for suggestions on how to find a solution, but is closed later and all comments removed.

Member of @UPC_Team