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Error CS2004

Hi, I receive CS2004 error since two weeks when trying to watch TV channels with the UPC TV Box. Internet is working properly. Therefore I can see some TV channels  in the TV Box which are broadcasted via Internet but the Swiss channels are not available.

The installation is pretty straight forward. Only one TV Box connecting to the Wohnung socket via an UPC black antenna cable. I have checked several times, the cable is correctly plugged.

I have called the UPC Support phone number but it was useless, after so much time I finally contacted some technician, but all of sudden, I was dropped off of the call (not because of me, UPC should check the quality of the support itself)

Can someone please help?

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Betreff: Error CS2004

@fr3055 , Welcome to the community!
The error message you mentioned means the following: "QAM signal disappeared /cable unplugged".


I assume that either the cable is not plugged in correctly or that the socket at the mentioned connection does not provide a signal. What happens if you plug an antenna cable directly from the socket to your TV and do a channel scan? Will you receive any channels afterwards?



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