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Betreff: Error Code CS2000?

Seems UPC don't want to let their customers know what problems they are having these days. These problems seem quite 'big'... ... some being 'throughout Switzerland'. Interesting. 

if you mean, by following the instructions, you mean phone the hotline... perhaps UPC should answer the calls more quickly.


I request that you do not remove my comments this time, as you have in the past.



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Betreff: Error Code CS2000?

@Biggsp ,


We will  inform you about the most recent faults in the replay:

  • Since Monday 28.10.2019 there have been sporadic disturbances and interruptions in the replay.
  • We could determine a so-called macroblocking, which led to a pixelated mosaic-like picture.
  • The affected content can no longer be corrected retroactively. Current status: The error image does not occur since 31.10.2019 08:00 o'clock.

We thank everyone for their contributions to the topic and wish you continued good entertainment.


Best regards,



Member of @UPC_Team