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Is it possible to unpair the remote from my TV?



I do not want my UPC box remote to switch my TV on and off. Quite often, my TV is already on when I want to switch to the UPC box. Comically, when I switch on the upc box, it switches my TV off and I get stuck in ridiculous cycle of one machine off and the other one on.


I know you can change the model of TV that is paired with the UPC box but I couldn't see an option where it isn't paired at all.


I read another older community post that suggested  damaging a pin on the HDMI plug which seems a bit unnecessary.


Any suggestions would be great!

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Re: Is it possible to unpair the remote from my TV?

This is no doubt HDMI-CEC rather than the remote being paired with the TV.


Depending on the manufacturer, CEC will be called BraviaSync or AnyNet or SimpLink or something like that   You need to go into the TV's menu and turn it off.  Some might have options to just disable some components of CEC, such as following the power-on/off state of connected devices, but most don't.


There's a thread in the German section here ranting about the fact CEC can't be disabled in the UPC TV Box, so this option may well come in a later firmware release.