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My review of the new TV box?

I've only had this new box a few days, but thought it worth writing an English language review. I've been with UPC (Cablecom/Liberty/Sunrise...) discord since coming to Switzerland a few years ago so can only compare it with the previous Horizon box and my knowledge of the Sky HD and Sky Q boxes.omegle 

Overall, I much prefer it to the Horizon box. If you're a long term UPC customer and prepared to sign a new 12 month contract, a polite phone call to support is likely to get the activation fee waived.


The actual swap is easy. Use the HDMI cable supplied with the UPC box instead of the Horizon one as it's made to a xender higher standard and might be needed for 4K. I don't have a 4K TV so don't know for sure.


Two important things to bear in mind:

1. The recordings on your Horizon box stay there and nowhere else, so you'll lose them.
2. For reasons I don't understand, replay can't go back prior to it being activated on the UPC box. So watch all of the programmes you've recently missed before pulling the plug on your Horizon box!