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New feature: User Profiles


From version 4.15 upwards, create up to six additional user profiles for UPC TV:

  • Create one channel list per profile to save your personal favorites and sort your channels (also in the TV-Guide)
  • The watch list and continue watching are individual for each profile.
  • All user profiles you create are independent of the way you access UPC TV and are also available on: UPC TV Box, UPC TV App or UPC TV Web

Switch comfortably between your profiles with the Profile button (right outside of the remote control)



Which settings and functions are profile-based from 4.15 on:




Favorites list (incl. order in channel bar & TV guide)

Menu Language /
Audio Language / Subtitle Settings


Contents in continue watching


User Box Settings (Aspect Ratio, Sources, Color Settings)

Parental control


Please note when upgrading from older software version:

  • Previously created settings (except Favorites list) are saved in the default profile (Shared) when upgrading to the new software
  • The favorites list is overwritten during upgrade and can then be created when setting up a new profile
  • Remaining settings remain untouched

Further information:

  • UPC TV profiles are independent of MyUPC subaccounts. Each MyUPC subaccount has the same profiles available
  • Rented OnDemand content, MySports day tickets and add-on options are available on all profiles
  • Profiles are not password-protected
  • Recordings are available for all profiles
  • Logins for apps like YouTube or Netflix are not profile specific
  • The storage capacity of 2’000 hours of recordings counts for all profiles in total

 UPC TV Profile Basic Operation


Creating Profiles

UPC TV Box (expand)

  • Press the profile key on the side of the UPC TV remote control
  • Create a new profile
  • Choose color and name of profile
  • Select favorite genres
  • Create your own channel/favorite list

UPC TV App and Web (expand)

  • Click/tap on the profile icon ProfilBild.png
  • Select Create Profile
  • Choose color and name of the new profile
  • Select favorite genres
  • Create your own channel/favorite list


Editing/deleting profiles

UPC TV Box (expand)

  • Press the profile key on the side of the UPC TV remote control
  • Select the Edit icon under the concerned profile

 UPC TV App and Web (expand)

  • Click/tap the profile icon ProfilBild.png
  • Select Settings
  • Choose Account and Profiles
  • Choose Edit next to the profile you want to edit
  • Select delete Profile

UPC TV Profile Screenshots



Software 4.15 will be available for all UPC TV boxes from tomorrow 03.04.2019 and will be rolled out throughout the day.




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Re: New feature: User Profiles

This feature is cool!  I can even create the profiles using


My box didn't seem to want to update itself to the latest firmware so I did a "Factory Reset" which did the trick.  I didn't lose any settings or recordings/schedules either now that it's all in the cloud.  Great result.


As I'm learning German, I'm creating a profile of all the German stations that seem to show simple programmes.  I've set the audio and subtitle language to German, and even the TV box menu to German.    As soon as I switch back to my default ("shared") profile it all reverts back to English.  This is fun.


For anyone using a Logictech Harmony remote, I've not found a direct command for profiles, but "Menu", "Up" gets there quick enough.  Also, my macro for toggling Dolby Audio needed a quick edit as the menus have changed slightly, but it's all working great again.

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Re: New feature: User Profiles


The UPC TV App and Online ( have also received the profile function this night. With the online version, you have to change the view option so that not all channels are displayed. Here a short instruction:





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Re: New feature: User Profiles

I think this new features are very nice but where is the option remove this channel from favourites directly from tha channel i am viewing ?


Thank you