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Pioneer VSX 521 HDMI


I have got the new TV Box since last Friday. With the Horizon I had the following set up:

TV LG, Connected to a Sourond Receiver Pioneer VSX 521 via HDMI. On the Pioneer I had the Horizon Box and Apple TV both via HDMI.

With the new Box I have exactly the same set up. Unfortunatly when I want to change on the Pioneer the input chanel from TV Box to Apple TV the no signal is found anymore. Receiver gets back to the TV Input chanel. Apple TV only get to the TV if I disconect the TV Box from the reciever.

What m I doing wrong any Idea.

Thank for your help.

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Betreff: Pioneer VSX 521 HDMI

@juileik , Welcome to the Community!


Please check if you have set the following: (consult the manual)
- Enable the HDMI CEC feature on Apple TV
- Activate the HDMI CEC function on your Pioneer
- Activate the HDMI CEC function on your TV


If you're watching UPC TV and want to switch to Apple TV, try switching channels on your Pioneer. Can you do it now?


If it doesn't work:
- plug the HDMI cable from your Pioneer to your TV into the HDMI ARC slot


Test it again.





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