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Replay & Recordings not working?

We have been unable to use replay or play any recordings this weekend. Has anyone else experienced this? 

TV Actor
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Re: Replay & Recordings not working?

I am having same problem. Recording function with new TV box is very bad!
No option for recording:
In case TV program suppress time, we will not be able to see the whole program. New TV box does not have time modification option. With Horizon box, we were able to modify recording time manually. With new TV box, we cannot, instead just have to click on the program you wish to record in the TV guide and you will end up recording an unfinished program.
Very disappointing indeed!

Or NOT recording:
For example, we wanted to record one film on “1” – Russian Channel 1 – in TV guide there was one program for 21 hours. We did not have choice and pressed to record. TV box denied to record – maybe it’s due to long hour.