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Restricting WAN by Schedule - Wired Clients?

Been searching for a solution on this... With kids out of school, I'm needing to implement some schedule restrictions for them. Why does this not exist anywhere in the UDM Pro? Or perhaps I cannot find it...

I figured I'd create a new network and SSID specific for the kids devices by adding a user group. Then create a schedule around that. Nope - the user group option only gives bandwidth restrictions.

Ok, maybe within the network options I could schedule when that network would be available? I see the option in Wireless Networks Enable WLAN Schedule. Ok, but what about the wired connection to the PC in the kids room? Maybe a Switch port profile? Nope.

Ok, maybe I'm over complicating this. Perhaps I just leave them on the main network, and put in a firewall rule for their IPs or MAC addresses. Nope, no time of day scheduling there either for firewall groups or firewall rules.

Ok, last resort... Control their iOS and MacOS devices via parental screen time rules. Walk into rooms at 10pm and pull the ethernet cable. WTF...really?

This seems like pretty basic functionality. I'm sure I'm just missing it somewhere.

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Re: Restricting WAN by Schedule - Wired Clients?

@carlosmathinson , Welcome to the community! 

The options you mentioned are not available. We may make some options available in the future. Until then, if you have your own router, I recommend that you use it and set your modem to bridge mode.



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