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TV box manual

Dear Community


I have just got the new TV box and try to understand its features.

The parcel from upc did not contain users manual.

I suspect, one can find it somewhere...

Could someone point me the link please!


In particular I am interesting in the USB functionality.

On the rare panel of the box there are few connectors, one of them is USB.

I had tried to connect external HDD, and was expecting, that at list the power-on led at the HDD will be blinking, but I can see nothing ...( as there is no 5V power)

Please comment!

Is it a fake connector?




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Re: TV box manual

Hi. Welcome in our community.


That's the link for the manual:


By the way, the usb port is inactive. 


Best regards, 


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Re: TV box manual

Thanks for the link!

It is not too much in this "manual"...

but enough for a normal user...

It is a pity that the usb port is disabled...

The new box does not have display and I was missing digital clock and other small but useful information (e.g when listening the radio).

So, I bought for 13 CHF simple digital clock, but it requires the power via usb, and I had naively thought that I can use the usb out of the tv box for this purpose....

No way - I have to power the clock separately...

Also I had to find a special adapter for the audio (to connect to the old amplifier...).

Otherwise the new tv box is OK.


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Re: TV box manual


What adapter did you get for the audio?

Supporting Actor TV
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Re: TV box manual

I just had one 3.5 mm to RCA.

One can goole this keywords

For example at


Lindy Premium Audio-Adapterkabel 20m 2x RCA (Cinch) Stecker an 3,5mm Klinkenstecker (20m, 3.5mm Klinke, Cinch)

But the cable is too long.

If you already had RCA cable:

HDGEAR PureLink Kabeladapter 3.5mm/2 x RCA


Best, Dmitry