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The remote control of the UPC TV Box [Manual]



The remote control for the UPC TV Box has a simple design, but nevertheless it has all necessary functions. Just like the Horizon remote control, the box (via radio) as well as the TV (via infrared) can be controlled. As a surprising innovation, the remote control includes a microphone for voice-activated operation of the box.


The functions of the remote control


Pairing the remote control with the box

  • The remote control automatically pairs with the UPC TV Box as soon as you remove the battery protection and press any key (all keys except Vol+, Vol-, Mute, Source; these keys control the TV via infrared)

  • In pairing mode the red power button (top right) on the remote control flashes

  • When pairing is complete, the red power button will flash three times in a row and the TV will display "Pairing successful

  • If the pairing did not work, the red power button will light up once long and the remote control will go back into pairing mode after pressing any button

  • The UPC TV Box can be manually put into pairing mode by pressing the channel minus button on the box for 10 seconds

  • The remote control can also be put into pairing mode manually. To do this, press the Live TV and 0 buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds

  • The remote control can also be completely reset. To do this, press the Live TV and Rewind buttons for 10 seconds

Pairing the remote control with the TV

  • The remote control also pairs automatically with the TV

  • If the pairing cannot be performed automatically (TV is not recognized), you will be guided to a screen where you can perform the pairing with the TV / HIFI step by step

  • There is no guarantee that the remote will work with all TVs

Table of all pairing functions


Remote control tips & tricks


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