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UPC TV Box software release 4.12 on November 6, 2018

During the night of November 6th, software version 4.12 will be played on UPC TV boxes of our customers.

Scope of software 4.12:
Improvement On-Screen Keyboard (Drop 1)


By default, the "old" keyboard (as known from Horizon) is now active. That means: Navigation by arrow keys on single letters/characters instead of from column to column.

  • In the settings you can choose between the two options
  • During the setup process, only the "new" keyboard (=columns) is still active. Adjustment of this keyboard will follow in a later update of the software.

Language options during playback


Settings for audio language and subtitles can now be switched during playback (linear, VoD, Replay).
Further changes with 4.12:


  • Message in the upper right corner when content is pushed from the app to the UPC TV Box (picture)
  • UPC TV (Web) can now be used as a remote control for the UPC TV Box.
  • When recording a series, future seasons (and not only the current one) will be recorded as well.
  • For multiple UPC TV boxes, the settings are now box-specific (except for the age limit).

The update is received when the box is in standby mode overnight (indifferent mode) and has Internet access. Otherwise the update will be performed after 14 days when the box is started.

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