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UPC TV - Software Release 4.13 this Wednesday 5.12. to Thursday 6.12


Between Wednesday 5.12 and Thursday 6.12 the software 4.13 will be rolled out on the UPC TV boxes. The following new features are available:



Tips and Tricks: RCU pairing to TV/Amplifiers
Customers have tips for RCU pairing to TV/amplifiers so they can use one remote for several associated devices.



Make Adult Rentals area more subtle
Improvements for the Adult tile behaviour and visualization in Rentals area.



Improvement Mini screen in drag & drop mode
Customers can see where they are scrubbing to, by means of a visual still image screen indicator while continuing to watch the playing video in the background.


Most Relevant Episode - logic improvement
Improvement on the logic of most relevant episode. Now when customers are accessing a show with episodes, the system offers at first the episodes that can be watched right away, and only then the episodes which cannot be watched right at the moment.


Navigation to Apps, Settings, Detail Page
A number of small improvements to the voice control system with a focus on making Navigation and Voice Control easier to:
- Apps
- Settings
- Detail Page


Recover my box settings, recordings, history, profile
Existing customer can automatically restore all the personalized data stored in cloud when receives new UPC TV Box to replace old one.


Box specific settings
Settings are applied on a box level and not shared with other boxes in the home network (with exception to Setting Parental Age Limit).



Same search from any screen
The same search results when searching on UPC TV App or Receiver that gives customers a consistent, reliable multi-screen experience.



Watch progress indication
Replay assets in the Replay TV catalogue that have been partially watched, will display the current watch progress, helping customers know what to watch next.

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