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UPC TV Software Version 4.19



Hi everyone

The new UPC TV Box software has been rolled out since 24.10.2019. If you don't have this new software on your UPC TV Box yet, you can read what you can do below.

New features:

New possibilities for controlling the Dolby sound output (option "Dolby Audio")
ON = PCM signal is converted to Dolby 2.0, Dolby 2.0 is looped through, Dolby 5.1 is looped through.
OFF = Each signal is downscaled to PCM
Convert to DD5.1 = PCM and Dolby 2.0 will be converted to 5.1, Dolby 5.1 will be looped through.


Display of tips & tricks maximum once per day. Counter of once per day new profile-based and is no longer reset by factory setting.

Tips & Tricks can now also be ignored with the following keys: Record, Up/Down, Left/Right, Menu

Other minor improvements


Information about Dolby Digital:
Dolby Digital will now play correctly on Live TV. The adjustment for replay and recording will follow with a fix in January. The fix does not require
new software on the box and can be added as soon as available. We will inform you as soon as this is done.





Software Upgrade:
CH- hold down when switching on with toggle switch until the welcome screen appears


Member of @UPC_Team