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error code cs1011 -please help


I installed tv box and internet happy 600 few days ago. 


at first time internet & tv all were no connection. after visit upc shop to request help, 

internet is working so far.  but still tv shows error code cs1011. 

I just received alternative tv box from shop - i have 2 settop boxes now. 

both of them show same error. 

connection circumstance : used cox cable . lan cable . hdmi from upc tv box 

tried more than 10 times with each setopbox  - turn on. turn off. change lan port. wired.wireless all connection have tried several times 


can someone help to solve the issue ?  I have tried to contact to service call center for 2 days. but there was no response. - I could not contact anyone. 


my customer  number : DELETED, for Security reasons

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Re: error code cs1011 -please help

Are you using the ConnectBox?


If so, log in (user: admin, password is on a sticker on the bottom of the modem/router) by going to


Make sure your UPC TV box is turned on and click "Connected Devices" in the router admin menu on the left.  Do you see a device called "UPC-TV-BOX"?  If you do, then the box is correctly connected to your network and some time tomorrow someone from UPC will see your post here and activate your TV package. 


If you don't see that device listed, then something's wrong with your connection.  It should be easy ... use the cables that were provided with the UPC TV box / ConnectBox and ... ConnectBox to wall socket with coax.  UPC TV box to wall socket with coax.  UPC TV box to TV with HDMI.  UPC TV box to ConnectBox with ethernet (aka lan) cable (or you can use wifi, but physical connection is better here).



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Re: error code cs1011 -please help


I can see device name on conneced device list, but still show same error code cs1011. 


There is only way to solve the issue is waiting for someone from upc to reply on my post. 



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Betreff: error code cs1011 -please help

@jk4536 , I switched your modem to IPv4 as a test. Please do the following:
- Restart your Conenct Box (Modem)
- Connect your UPC TV Box via LAN cable (without switches, powerlines or routers in between)
- When the Connect Box is online again, reset the UPC TV Box.


Reset UPC TV Box:

Press and hold PWR / CH- when switching on using the toggle switch until the Welcome Screen appears.






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