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Screenshot_2019-02-16_10-27-34.pngDear Community,

if i put my headphone on the audio (2 on the picture) i can hear from my headphone but i still hear from tv.

There is a method for not hearing from tv (the audio from tv is the audio that comes with hdmi).

If i put my tv on volume 0 so i can hear only from headphone but the volume is auto regulated.


Thank you


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@GrandePuffo, please correct me if I have misunderstood you:
- Your headphones are plugged into socket 2.
- Your TV has the volume 0


Now you want to adjust the volume of your headphones, is that correct? Isn't that possible with the UPC TV remote control? Is it coupled with HDMI CEC to your TV?




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Betreff: headphones

I think that the only way to stop audio from tv is to connect directly headphone to tv

headphone to tv could stop audio from hdmi cable

headphone to box stop audio from tv only if the tv volume is set to zero


it's not a problem with cablecom box,  i think you couldn't stop audio from hdmi when you put headphone directly to the box


same happen with other "no upc" box 



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Betreff: headphones

@GrandePuffo: Don't you have a headphone jack on your TV?