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An error has occurred. Please try again later : Wi-Free CHANGE PASSWORD DOES NOT WORK.

I do hope some UPC representatives are monitoring the chat and taking CARE that questions are answered and issues resolved!


This being said, I can't change my Wi-Free password. The process is fine until I need to confirm the new password (which complies with all rules set) then all I get since days (4-5 now) is "An error has occurred. Please try again later".


I have tried with my cell phone and with my laptop (using the latest version of the Microsoft Browser and the Google browser, Chrome). No matter what always same error.


I have called UPC technical support desk and waiting 45 minutes online (awful music selection I must say) and the person I had  finally on the phone could only confirm he was facing the same issue with my account.


I suggested something might be wrong with my profile but was told there are some maintenance work on the platform so I should retry the next day. So I did and I still face the same issue (no miracles it seems).


So if there is a known issue and planned maintenance jobs on the platform with potential perverse side effects PLEASE INFORM your customers.


And by the way a NICE improvement when calling the support desk would be to allow customers to select their preferred type of muisc. It is the 21st century. UPC is a leader. Make it happen. A simple selection choice. Extremely long waiting time on the phone are a pain but if you add boring music or even music that goes on your nerves ... it is a killer. Unless that is what UPC want? long waiting times, bad music...maybe a good way to drastically reduce customer calls for assistance???

Supporting Actor TV
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Re: An error has occurred. Please try again later : Wi-Free CHANGE PASSWORD DOES NOT WORK.

24 hours later issue still persisting and UPC Cablecom support service not giving any sign of life. Maybe this is "works as designed"? 


Overall I am a happy UPC cablecom customer paying a minimum fee for a minimum inernet only (slow) connection that covers my needs. Wi-Free is included in that minimum fee and though I can't change the password it is working. Nothing critical I guess. It only highlights the poor technical customer service support (whether it is skilled related or caused by the organization itself...).


So like in the old days when there were plenty of issues with the USB devices and Windows... PLUG & PRAY that everything works .... as as long as it works the service is good (and reasonably priced) ... once however you need assistance ... it's a complete different story.