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Customer service and wi-free

I'm a new customer with UPC. Registered on Friday, but have still not been able to get the WiFi working at home. I have called the customer service line several times and been on hold for over an hour in total. On Monday I was told that I would have to wait until Wednesday for the technicians to call to book an appointment. When they called this morning I was informed that they can only come on Saturday! This will be over a week as a UPC customer without ANY service!
I called the customer service line again today to try and ask for an earlier appointment and after waiting 30 minutes on hold, the representative told me that she would have a colleague call me back who could help me in English. No call back all day!
I am very close to cancelling my account and going with another company because of the terrible customer service so far...

I was hoping to use Wi-free in the meantime. I have registered with MyUPC, but when I try to set my new password for Wi-free, I just get a message that "An error has occurred."
Please advise.
Tom Matthews
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Re: Customer service and wi-free

Hi @tmatthews, welcome to the community,


Do you still have any service at home?


In order to use Wi-Free, you have to enable it in the option of your modem. Then, you can set a password on MyUPC.


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Re: Customer service and wi-free

Hello, welcome onboard to hell of customer service front. UPC was awesome unless I encountered a technical issues after moving to a new house. Connecting to customer service (more difficult if you are an expat and do not speak german) is a wait wait & wait only....

Please try to set your wifi-free password different than your login credentials. I was also facing same issue & then someone informed m about it. Now it works good.

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Re: Customer service and wi-free

Hi @tmatthews


Also from my side a warm welcome to our Community. Thank you for reaching out. Has the tip given by @avdheshsmaurya helped you solving your Wi-Free issue?


My apologies to you and @avdheshsmaurya for experiencing long waiting times on our helpline. We are doing our utmost to shorten waiting time and improving our support services. 


Should you have any further questions please do use the Community. There are a lot of very helpful users happy to share their knowledge and experiences.


Wishing you a nice day.


Best regards,